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Relatives of Joaquín Draghi asked for his recovery.

This mission had a double purpose: the evangelization of the Guarani people of the area and their protection against the slave system of encomiendas, very widespread at the time, which wreaked havoc on the native populations.

Initially, it was settled in what would later become the Villa Baja, and then moved to the area where the Plaza de Armas is located today. After the expulsion of the Jesuits in 1767, the population decreased significantly. This situation began to reverse with the arrival of the first European immigrants between 1840 and 1850, who settled in the area and put down new roots. The fertile lands of the area favored the growth and development of the population, so that the former mission became a town, and later became a village.

On October 7, 1848, a decree banished the Guarani from their own town. With their belongings in tow, they were sent to Tupá Ray -the present-day town of Carmen del Paraná-, under the surveillance of guards. Overcrowded and in deplorable sanitary conditions, many Guarani died of various diseases.

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2 – On Tuesday they will split up to tour 3 cities simultaneously: Escobar, Baradero and San Antonio de Areco.    Escobar: Hospital/Clinic – Nursing Home – Several neighborhoods.    San Antonio de Areco: Hospital – Neighborhoods – Downtown – Companies. Baradero: Hospital – Downtown – Prison.

3 – On Wednesday, the cities of Zárate – Campana will also be visited in groups. Campana: Hospital – Island area – Home for the elderly – Prison. Zárate: Nursing homes – Neighborhoods – Hospital.

Every October 12, we celebrate in Pilar the Patronal Festivities in honor of our Patron Saint, the Virgen Del Pilar. The Patronal Feast means «to celebrate the identity of a town that in this case was born under this invocation of Mary, which was brought by people who came from another place and of which we somehow feel we are the continuators». Therefore, the celebration is an act of reaffirmation of what we are as a community, a people with a name and identity.

The works supported by Más por Menos help to alleviate the difficulties of a large part of the population in the interior of the country, especially those who are marginalized in the poorest areas of Argentina. Therefore, Más por Menos is a bridge of communication between those who have the most and those who have little or nothing. The bishops define it as «a space created to compensate for the lack of social equity» The More for Less collection is one of the largest within the Argentine Catholic Church.