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Francisco was one of the 48 participants from around the world who competed in the 7th edition of the contest, the competitions included a series of tests and the grand final held at the Kent Event Centre in Kent, England.

Despite not having won any of these, he obtained high scores in the development of these, standing out in the physical test in which he obtained the second place and the multimedia award where he managed to be in the Top 5.

Francisco is chosen as the winner of the contest, after Kamal Ibrahim from Ireland awarded him the title as the new Mister World 2012, which makes him worthy of the title of «The World’s Most Desirable Man»[5].

What is known about the strange case of the alleged ‘zombie woman’?

As we saw in the articles «Short-term stock speculation: What you should know (and almost nobody will tell you)» and «Short-term trading: A very popular ruin», both studies and practice make us see that short-term speculation is not the most advisable way to make our savings profitable. In spite of this, we are still constantly seeing people promising very high returns through short-term trading using different methods that in reality are a scam.

In this article we are going to see the tricks that these scam traders use to make us believe that they can achieve impossible returns through short-term speculation and I will give you 3 tips to avoid falling for them.

Obviously, scam traders are not fools. As tools, they use different methods or strategies to make you believe that the impossible returns they promise are available to everyone quickly and easily (which is precisely what they want to sell you).

Beth, the psychopathic child

This day two of the four best teams in the UEFA Champions League faced each other for a place in the final, the dispute was between Real Madrid and Manchester City, where the English team took advantage to reach the final of the Champions League by beating Real Madrid 4-3, which remains in the fight with a double by Karim Benzema and a goal by Vinícius, leaving everything open for the second leg at the Santiago Bernabéu.

The weakness of Real Madrid’s defense allowed City to concede two goals in the first eleven minutes, which was the earliest goal in the history of City in the Champions League, but Carlo Ancelotti corrected the mistakes with his offensive effectiveness.

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