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The registration fee to receive the training was 200 euros and then they had to pay 150 euros per month, but if they captured two more people they stopped paying the fee and from the third client they began to collect every month of the «pyramid».

The person arrested in Alicante is considered «educator» of the investigated platform and the rest of the arrests have been carried out in Barcelona (2), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (2), Madrid (1), Malaga (1) and Tarragona (1).

We are preparing a collective complaint in the case #IMarketslive/#IMMasteryAcademy for an alleged pyramid structure at international level. Whoever is interested in denouncing or providing testimony, contact Carlos Bardavío (@carlosbardavioa) February 27, 2021.

The economic amounts demanded by the organization for enrollment in financial training consisted of a first deposit of 200 euros and a monthly fee of 150 euros. After the victims recruited two other people, they stopped paying the monthly fee and from their third recruitment, they would begin to receive monthly payments from the «pyramid». For the recruitment to be efficient, they were provided with instruction and scripts to approach and persuade potential new members.

Meteorization and Sedimentogenesis 1º BAC Ud. 5

At the same time, as an industrial expert, he joined the Alicante Delegation of the ‘Colegio de Peritos de Valencia’ and in 1970 he was elected president of that ‘Delegation’. In 1973 he set in motion the regulatory mechanisms to segregate from the College of Valencia through the ‘Superior Council of Experts’ and thus be able to have the province of Alicante its own College of Experts.[13] This was achieved on July 2, 1976 so that Juan Antonio Montesinos, 1st dean and founder of the ‘College of Experts of Alicante’ received the decoration of Member of Merit of the ‘National Association of Experts and Industrial Technical Engineers’ (ANPITI).[14] Montesinos became a member of the ‘National Association of Experts and Industrial Technical Engineers’ (ANPITI).

Montesinos was involved in the promotion and extension of Vocational Training throughout the province of Alicante, and since 1974, new centers were opened in different localities that lacked it. He acted as intermediary between the mayors and the Ministry of Education which, through the new delegate J. Hernández Belando, was authorizing the creation of new centers.[18] Montesinos also formed part of the Provincial Council of Vocational Training that was later created for this purpose.


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