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Parks and asocial behaviors, Dr. Katherine Olier

Within our current curriculum system, complementing the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, we have implemented extracurricular activities and courses that have generated and are generating changes in our students.

This is the school’s social aid project. It is developed with the purpose of making students aware of the love of God and neighbor. They learn to share their blessing to people of scarce resources.

In the educational forums an experiential learning is developed on moral, spiritual, family and social aspects, with positive and motivational messages for each of the participants.

In addition to their physical education classes, the students have the opportunity to integrate their section teams for inter-classroom tournaments or to be selected for inter-school and regional competitions.

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We are very happy with his current school. He is happy, we like the professionals who are with him, he spends few hours, it is close to home and in the afternoons he has different therapy sessions and other activities.

In principle, and unless we have no choice, this is not what we want. We will go to visit him, of course we will. But if I’m not convinced about special schooling and I don’t get a place in one of the specialized centers, I’m capable of leaving him at home with me. Although I don’t know if that’s possible since he’s already of compulsory school age.

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The professor and director of the Fotodoc-UCM Research Group, Juan Miguel Sánchez Vigil, and the director of the Culture Area and Documentary Center of the Anastasio de Gracia Foundation, Uría Fernández, have expressed their «profound disagreement», as well as a «great indignation for the way of acting of those responsible for the educational management of the Community of Madrid».

Sánchez Vigil has told how Santiago Saura even questioned the democratic decision of the educational center, whose highest governing body approved by absolute majority to be renamed Jean Laurent, with 14 votes in favor to 4 against. «There we had to answer him politically, beyond the cultural, because a political leader questioning a democratic vote as the School Board that supported the name change is dangerous». Saura claimed that the change in the nomenclature was not approved unanimously.

The document is endorsed, for the moment, by 115 personalities, academics, technicians and institutions among which stand out: the National Photography Prize winner Joan Fontcuberta, the director of the Prado Museum, Miguel Falomir Faus, the director of the Portuguese Center of Photography, Bernardino Castro, the photographer Daniel Mordzinski, the writer Javier Sierra, the film director Fernando Méndez Leite or the production director Sol Carnicero, winner of a Goya.

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